21 Ruby Tricks You Should Be Using In Your Own Code

Dans ce long article de Peter Cooper vous retrouverez quelques basiques qui ont l’avantage d’être à peu près tous regroupés ici et qu’il est toujours bon de revoir

1 – Extract regular expression matches quickly
2 – Shortcut for Array#join
3 – Format decimal amounts quickly
4 – Interpolate text quickly
5 – Delete trees of files
6 – Exploding enumerables
7 – Cut down on local variable definitions
8 – Using non-strings or symbols as hash keys
9 – Use ‘and’ and ‘or’ to group operations for single liners
10 – Do something only if the code is being implicitly run, not required
11 – Quick mass assignments
12 – Use ranges instead of complex comparisons for numbers
13 – Use enumerations to cut down repetitive code
14 – The Ternary Operator
15 – Nested Ternary Operators
16 – Fight redundancy with Ruby’s “logic” features
17 – See the whole of an exception’s backtrace
18 – Allow both single items AND arrays to be enumerated against
19 – Rescue blocks don’t need to be tied to a ‘begin’
20 – Block comments
21 – Rescue to the rescue

N’oubliez pas de lire les commentaires qui sont au moins aussi intéressants que le post lui-même (et qui donnent d’autres exemples) !

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